What is raw?
The definition of raw is not set by a regulatory or government agency, but raw foods are considered to be those which have been minimally processed, with a reduced application of heat in order to preserve living elements in the superfoods. In addition to being deliciously simple and natural, raw foods can be a great addition to any diet. They can provide vitamins, minerals and enzymes and promote energy and vitality into your daily routine.

What is organic?
Organic certification is a verification of the system of production, processing, and distribution that assures consumers that the products maintain the organic integrity throughout the supply chain. The environmental benefits of organic farming are well-established and the organic seal gives shoppers the freedom to choose how their food consumption impacts the world. Earth Circle Organics is certified by Organic Certifiers, Inc.
Since Earth Circle Organics imports, ships, and distributes products internationally, we have elected to become certified to both the USDA and European Union standards.

Are your products glutten-free?
Many of our products are gluten-free naturally. Items such as our dried fruits and many of our powders are naturally gluten-free and we feature gluten-free coconut flour for baking. For specific product information, contact

How should I store your products?
All of our products are considered shelf stable. Some of our packages indicate ‘Keep Refrigerated’ as a recommendation for storage after opening, mostly as a precaution. For example, our organic hemp protein powder does not have to be refrigerated, but after the package is open storing it in a cool dry place such as the refrigerator helps to extend the powder’s shelf life, especially if you do not use the powder within a few months. You can also keep the powder in a cool, dry cupboard in an air-tight container and achieve similar results.

How long does shipping normally take?
5 -7 days - Standard shipping within the mainland US is 2-5 working days. You can find your tracking link in your shipping confirmation email. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for the shipping companies and any changes or decisions that they make. If you have a concern about your delivery, feel free to get in touch with us at

What is your return policy
If there is a an error on our end or the product is damaged we will offer a free replacement. If you would like to return the product there is a 20% restocking fee plus you are responsible for freight fees.

More questions? Feedback?
Shoot us an email at We love hearing from you!

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we ship our products worldwide. Please contact us for more details -